Ecological Toilet Solutions

Full Circle wooden commode

Full Circle Composting Toilet installed at an art gallery in Westminster, Vermont

Full Circle composting toilets are odorless, waterless, and quiet. Through the natural process of biodegradation, they transform toilet waste into rich, sweet-smelling compost. These low-maintenance toilets are successfully used in year-round residences, seasonal homes, commercial spaces, and remote locations. The toilet does not need a water supply or a sewer connection, and it produces no contaminated flush water. Let us help you find out if this ecological and easy-to-use toilet system is right for you.

The Product
The Full Circle Composting Toilet includes a commode that is installed in the bathroom, connected via a chute to a modular composting container in the basement or crawl space. A ventilation fan eliminates all odors, and all waste is thoroughly composted before any handling is required. It continues to operate during power outages, and provides a more odor-free and pleasant experience than a flush toilet.Read more…

Our Services
Not only do we manufacture and install the Full Circle Composting Toilet, but we also work with customers to integrate the toilet into their building design and functionality. In addition, we provide full service support for any composting toilet, including owner-built systems. We can service your existing composting toilet or help you design and build a custom system. Read more…

Is it right for you?
Let us help you figure out if a composting toilet is the right solution in your specific situation. We can also help you determine if a Full Circle system or one of several other brands and models would work best for you. Contact us…