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Proud owner of a Full Circle Composting Toilet

Proud owner of a Full Circle Composting Toilet

Full Circle Composting Toilets are designed to be the easiest-to-maintain composting toilets on the market. They also produce beautiful compost and keep the bathroom completely odorless. They work well in modern homes, rustic cabins, and commercial spaces.

In the Bathroom

The commode is the only part of the system visible in the bathroom. It is available in wood, porcelain, or plastic. Use is the same as with a flush toilet, except that instead of flushing, the user adds a small scoop of wood shavings down the commode. We call this the “dry flush”, and it helps create a balanced composting environment. A ventilation fan maintains a slow but constant airflow from the bathroom into the toilet, keeping the system odorless. A divided, urine diverting bowl is available, to direct urine into a dedicated drain for storage, treatment, and reuse as fertilizer.

Below the Bathroom

The core of this composting system is a series of interchangeable wheeled composting containers, located on the floor below the bathroom. A sealed plastic chute connects the commode to the active compost container. When this container fills, it is disconnected from chute, capped, and set aside to compost. A new container is wheeled into place and connected to the chute, where it fills over a period of several months.

The active and resting containers are completely sealed, with air supply and exhaust hoses maintaining a constant flow of fresh air. This ensures that all corners of the compost container receive sufficient oxygen for composting, and excess moisture is able to evaporate. The result is a dark, crumbly compost with the aroma of rich garden soil. When composting is complete, a container can be wheeled outside and emptied, and then returned to the active location under the chute to fill again. This maintenance process takes 15-30 minutes and happens every six months to a year, depending on usage rate and system configuration.


Odorlessthis composting toilet smells less than a flush toilet. Not only does the ventilation fan keep compost odors out of the bathroom, but it also draws air from the bathroom down into the commode, carrying away any odors created during use. The result is a bathroom that never smells, even immediately after use.
4-watt ventilation fan—the quietest and most energy-efficient fan in any commercial composting toilet.
Efficient air flow—a balanced air handler removes all odors and delivers fresh air to all zones of the compost. The total amount of air ejected through the exhaust vent is kept to a minimum, to avoid wasting heat in the winter.
Electronic compost monitor—an optional indicator light reminds you when it is time to swap compost bins.

drawing and specs
Drawings and Specifications (455 kB PDF)

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